Girol SRL is a 14 year old company that was born on January 1st 2006 due to the need from its mother company Ompi SRL to dedicate a closer attention to the development of rotating unions, focusing on the provision of customization as per customer needs.

Although a young company in comparison with some of its competitors, Girol has inherited knowledge and skill set from Ompi SRL, due to which in a short period of time it has been able to make its presence in the market known.

A provider of high quality rotary unions and an OEM supplier to many known brands like SMS & Danielli, Girol is sure to make a name for itself in the middle east market as well.

Certified by Rina, Girol rotating unions are used in a wide variety of applications, especially in steel, paper, rubber and plastic, chemical, food, glass, packaging industries and many other sectors.

In industries where heavy machineries are used frequently, when maintenance activities are taking place, end users are required to shut down the use of the machine completely, before doing so it is mandatory to inform all personnel involved for better safety, this costs the company real time and delayed decision making, which has a long term effect on preventive maintenance and running of eaquipment.

Cefem Process is the second business unit to have joined the group. In 1998, Cefem Group bought the visible break industrial switch department from the company Ferraz (today Mersen).

Through its unique lock and key function Cefem Safety Enclosures ensures accountability, speed and accuracy, which sets it apart from other isolators.

Where the head of the division has authority under his unique technical knowledge and in situ understanding of maintenance needs to make quick decisions of shutting processes when needed, with complete security and safety of the staff involved. By locking the isolator once switched off he ensures that there is no possibility for misunderstandings that may lead to casualties.